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What if the U.S.S. Enterprise encountered the Death Star, during the end of the five year mission?

The Death Star used its superlaser in its minimal power setting to totally pulverize the primary hull of a Federation starship, both leaving the secondary hull completely intact.

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Most likely it would not stand a chance unless they know its secret weakness.
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The answer is in this short video

It's hilarious :biggrin :biggrin :biggrin

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If the Enterprise just stood still in front of the superlaser, sure, it would make any Federation ship go away.

But even at sublight, Trek ships, especially Federation ships, are vastly more maneuverable than all but the smallest Star Wars ships (and have much higher acceleration rates than anything in SW). Even the NX-01 Enterprise could probably fly circles around the Death Star, staying out of the firing arc of the superlaser. Any other Enterprise would do so with ease.

Any other Enterprise would also be able to engage from beyond the maximum range of the Death Star.

Any other Enterprise would also be able to engage the Death Star from warp speed, making repeated strafing runs at the Death Star at while at warp, targeting the superlaser until it was disabled.

The Enterprise-D and -E (and possibly the Enterprise-C) would also likely be able to detect the exposed path to the Death Star's reactor core, and exploit that weakness. They certainly have the sensor capabilities, and processing power to do so, though they might not be able to determine that weakness right away (the big weakness that Trek sensors have in the TNG era is sifting through all the data they provide, and figuring out what is actually useful).
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