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Re: Into Darkness
« Reply #40 on: June 29, 2013, 02:01:46 PM »
No, JJ Trek is not the prime universe. Even that "Prime Spock" came from a parallel universe. So an alternate Spco kwent into an alternate universe. This has nothing to do with the prime.
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Re: Into Darkness
« Reply #41 on: October 04, 2013, 03:29:16 AM »
I liked the movies by JJ. A lot.
Go ahead and hate me :P
but I think the reboot was intelligent enough, even with the plot device.

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Re: Into Darkness
« Reply #42 on: October 04, 2013, 04:50:19 AM »
There's something disturbing about JJ.Abrams movies that no-one recalls. The mentioned altenate reality don't exists since the Spock from the Prime Universe is still living in the past and he couldn't prevent Romulus destruction. Temporal paradox is not closed yet, so the Prime Universe and the JJ.Abrams one are the Prime. And it will be until the intereferences in the timeline made by the Nero and the Spock from the future is being ereased.

The disturbing part is the bashing intentions of JJ.Abrams over Trek franchise, ignoring all the previous matterial as source of limitations, to be able to ignore prestablished information,  while keeping at the same time the link with than matterial open through Spock.

Temporal Paradoxes only really occur if the original continuity is to be preserved (ie. The Future in the prime universe is the same future as the Abrahms Universe) In this case the Abrams universe is a seperate universe with a seperate future. The prime timeline hasnt been altered instead a new universe has been created (one in which judging by the way transporters, warp drives and starships behave in the movies obeys slightly different laws of Trek physics.) From the prime universe's perspective Ambasador Spock dissapeared and no change in the timeline was recorded.

My own personal opinion is that this wasnt a case of time travel, but a case of Spock and nero traveling into an alternative dimension (Think the Mirror Universe) this way the Jim Kirk in that movie is not the Jim Kirk from the prime universe. In my mind both time lines are preservered and the only effect on the Prime universe is Romulus being destroyed and Spock dissapearing, but depending on your own personal opinion you could argue that the Ambasador Spock who traveled back in time in the first place was acctually from the future of the JJ. Abrahms universe and not the prime universe meaning the whole movie series takes place in the same universe and Ambasador Spock is JJ. Abrahm's Spock from the future.  :P

In terms of the Movie itself though i always maintain Into Darkness was a compitent science fiction movie and the plot holes present are for the most part excused by the pacing of the plot. When the question of is it a good Star Trek Movie is asked all you can get as a response is someones subjective personal opinion because what star trek is will vary from person to person, for me the trek universe is a sandbox for me to play in, and the JJ. Abrahms movies are messing up my sandbox  :arms:. But for others it strikes at the heart of what star trek is and ruins the franchise,  and for others it was a refreshing change to the franchise.